Hello Maddy and thank you for all your kind words the other day.

And hello to everyone else who have hit that reply button and said hi.

I am fine and doing very well.

I am really enjoying my retirement, grand kids, and a little bit of free time.

Mr. A



3 thoughts on “HELLO MADDY

  1. Hi mr. alvaro!!!!!! im madison from your 5th grade class!!!!!!!!! im checking out the skinny and heard you re retiring!!!!!!!!! hope youre doing well!!!!!! ur the best teacher ever!!!!!!! comment me back if you can!!!!!!!

  2. Hi Mr. Alvaro!! I haven’t been on The Skinny for a long time!! I still miss 5th grade and elementary too!! Keep in touch!!

  3. Hi Mr. Alvaro, Its Jessica. How’s retirement going? Can you give me a shout out on the skinny?

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