Here is a list of this weeks words.  The wordle is by the lovely Amy and Anthony typed in our words.


1. ability

2. abilities

3. enemy


5. victory

6. victories

7. liberty

8. liberties

9. berry

10. berries

11. dairy

12. diaries

13. entry

14. entries

15. industry

16. industries

17. gocery

18. groceries

19. property

20. properties

Amy’s Scoop

Hey everyone it’s me Amy with The Skinny and I have some stuff to tell you. So kick back relax and just read on.

There is no spelling packet this week.  We will not be having a spelling test on Friday.

Before I tell you anything I want to know what you did over the weekend so hit the comment button and start typing.

Well first we are having a relay 4  life program going on. So if you want to know more information talk to Mrs. Carlson.

Next, McDonald’s night is tomorrow so you better ask your parents if you can go.

The mom 2  mom sale is this Saturday. If your going you’ll probably see Mr.Alvaro with Mrs.Alvaro selling food.

Next week will be the spring week so the hours will be changed.

This Wednesday Mr.Glasford the principalAmy of the Middle School South is coming to show us the classes we are going to be able to take or the ones we have to take.

Well that’s all I have for today. Thanks for reading! Bye!

Amy’s Scoop

Hey everyone it’s Amy with The Skinny. I have some good things to tell you. So just read on to hear it.

First, our school is raffling a 26″ Road master Mountain DX bike. Or you can win two Target gift cards with $25.00 in them. So buy some tickets and they will be drawn at the mom to mom sale.

Let’s congratulate Abby for her art. She got one of her art projects in the art show. She got her name dragon in the art show which is really cool.

Well that’s all for today. Thanks for reading. Bye!Amy

Amy’s Scoop

Hey everyone it’s Amy and I have some stuff to tell you!

The Saint Jude’s  fundraiser is back here at Lottie.   It started today.

Popcorn and sucker day is this Friday. So save up your quarters.

Tuesday is McDonald’s night everyone’s favorite.

The mom to mom sale is coming up. It’s on March 13.

We need box tops so start saving up and look on all your boxes.

Well that’s all I have to say today so bye!Picture

Amy’s Scoop

Hey everyone it’s Amy with The Skinny.  I’m here to tell you the latest gossip, the skinny.     No I’m just kidding I’m here to tell you the latest news.

The basketball Scholar Ship game is today at the High School. Actually some people from our fifth grade with be singing the Star Spangled Banner.

For all those people who like playing bingo it’s bingo night here at school Friday.

Tomorrow the people from the yearbook company are coming. So practice your posing.

Well that’sPicture all I have for today. Thanks for reading. Bye!

Amy’s Post

Hey everyone its me Amy with the skinny.

Here are somethings I think you should know about.

Our school has been donating money to Haiti for the past week.  So bring in your spare change.   Every quarter  counts.

Tomorrow we will be having Hungry Howies lunch, that will be cool.  If you would like to have another piece of pizza so you get two pieces you need to bring an extra dollar.

Report cards  come home tomorrow so be prepared!

On Friday,  pizza kit orders from Little Ceasers will be turned in.

Winter break also starts on Feburary 12!   I can’t wait! Can you?

Well that’s all the latest information.  Thanks for reading! Bye!Picture

Amy’s Post

Hi everyone it’s Amy and I’m going to tell you the latest information.

First of all report cards come home the 26th.  That’s next Tuesday, so  be prepared!  So if you don’t do so good ( which won’t happen) make up a good excuse for your parents.  Just kidding.Picture

Today us girls had to perform our “How To” stories.  They  turned out very good!  Tomorrow will be the boys turn.

Tomorrow is the 3-5-7 contest so don’t forget to bring your supplies!

Well that’s all for today.  See you again tomorrow!!!

Amy's Post

Wow, I can’t believe Halloween is over!

Our field trip is on Friday and don’t forget to bring a lunch!   Also you have to dress fancy so don’t forget that!  Mr. Alvaro sent a note home today with all the info.

Oh, and if you don’t like any of the candy you got from  Halloween or you have too much give it to Mr. Alvaro so you will get a good slip.  He’s going to put it in our candy jar.

Amy's Scoop

Happy Halloween! Tomorrow is our Halloween party so don’t forget to bring your costumes and candy.

We shared book reports today and the people who did them were me, Meaghan. Sarah,  Katrina, Allen, Tujan, and Jillian.  We all had very cool things like diorama’s, doll’s, parts of a scene, puzzles, cookies, and a story board.   They all turned out awesome!!!     I did the dolls. It was a lot of fun to make!

Well in science we cut a 20 foot white paper for us to draw the solar system it was so much fun! We had to draw the sun and everything!

Well that’s it for today!


Amy's Scoop

Click! Today was picture day. Everyone had a big smile on there faces. Everyone Picturegot dressed up fancy. It was great!

After that  we went to math and learned about decimals.  It was easy!

In music were having a Christmas play called T’was the Night Before Christmas.   I like the play and I  think everyone else  does too!

After we got back from music we did social studies.   Were learning about our rights,  rule of law, and Core Democratic Values.  It was very interesting.   Well that’s enough about social studies.

Now 3 – 5 – 7.  Everyone is trying  to beat Mr. Alvaro but they have to remember that they have to beat 10 people before they try to beat Mr. Alvaro.

Like Abby said in the last scoop yesterday about the book Loser it’s so good that people can’t stop reading it!  Tomorrow I believe that were going to do the American flag project.  I can’t wait!!!

In class Mr. Alvaro has a stuffed hand on a stick and people seem to enjoy that!

Well that’s enough for today!


A Note from Amy


Today in class Mr. Alvaro taught us about the Constitution which is interesting.

Today we got to switch for math and science.

We also got our little buddies from Mrs. Wiles class. That was great fun!

We went to the book fair in the morning and got really cool books. I got Allie Finkle’s Rules for Girls Best friends and Drama Queens.

We went to our two specials, music and gym.

I want to play the flute.